What's New, Apr-Jun 1999

Rev. 30-Jun-1999

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Chaz Boston Baden,

Mailing Lists and Message Boards - we now have two mailing lists and two message boards for the convention. Thanks to Joe Zeff and Frank Gasperik for suggesting that we need another public space where fans may post messages without having to sign up for anything.
Addresses - added address for shipping flyers.
Flyers - information on Conucopia flyers, and flyers at Conucopia.
Programming - new write-up from PR3, tentative schedule.
Fan Tables - added link to Parties (and also the other way around).
Parties - new information. Throwing a party? Check in here, please. Added links to Bay Area in 2002 [www], Loscon XXVI [www], Toronto in 2003 (Worldcon Bid) [www]
Staff and Committee Roster, Addresses - added verbiage explaining the pages and the E-mail Directory.
Top - added link to "site map" (Table of Contents)
Theme Parks and Attractions, Museums, Zoos, Aquariums - updated attractions listings. We're still working on verifying the phone numbers on the museums.
Fan Tables - split off Loscon, added Roswell, added link to Prey Fan Club [www], Space Ready Reserve [www]
Science Fiction Playhouse '99 - new write-up (formerly listed as "Live Theater").
Membrs Home Pages - added Chen, Curtis [www]
Masquerade - the doors are 2'6", not 2'8" wide, and a few other additional details.
Volunteers - updated article slightly.
5.5"x8.5" Flyer now available, in PDF. Haven't figured out which page to put it on.
Film and Video Contest, Missing Members - corrected a couple typos.
Progress Reports - PR3 has gone to press, PDF version on file. Added link to Adobe Acrobat Reader [www]. Working on plain text version.
Blood Drive - new write-up. Please sign up in advance so we can tell Red Cross how many people we have donating.
Fan Tables - added links to Time Meddlers [www], The Mars Society [www] (Caltech/JPL chapter)
Daily Newsletter, Staff and Committee List - added another paragraph or two about our Daily Newsletter operation; added Maria Rodriguez and Mel. White; listed newszine staff in main Staff and Committee List.
Want Ads - Does anyone have a Macintosh that the Art Show could borrow, please? We're looking for a Mac with a Zip drive, loaded with PhotoShop...
Film and Video Contest - fiddled with HTML.
Related Links - added Webring link on instructions from chair.
Ice Cream Social - After the Karaoke event, we'll have an 80's-themed dance in the same room until the wee hours.
Smoking - Where is smoking allowed/not allowed at Conucopia? California has some of the toughest non-smoking laws around. The short answer is, "Smoking is illegal in all indoor public places."
Guests of Honor, Top - added Hieronymus Bosch, (Dead) Artist Guest of Honor
Members Home Pages - balanced the two columns.
Dealers List, Dealers Info - added Dealers Room Hours.
Registration - Added hours for Registration. Pre-registered members may pick up their badges in the Con office, Wednesday 12-6pm...
Gift Shop, Want Ads - As is the tradition with many conventions, Conucopia will be having a store where we will be selling memorabilia of the convention... Our hours will be from 10-6 Thu-Sat, 10-4 Sunday... If you have cashier experience and/or sales experience, have we got a job for you. I need volunteers to help run this place...
Fan Tables - Would your convention, club, or other fannish group like to sit at a table and talk to Conucopia members? Send e-mail to to request one. Fan tables are in the same general area as Information and Registration. They are regular 6-foot tables.
Art Show, Art Show Rules - added schedule for Art Show. French artist Philippe Coriat [www] will be giving demonstrations in the Art Show during the convention, times to be announced.
Filk Music - Filking will be located in the North Tower, in the "Veranda" room (the former nightclub) near the elevators.
Marriott - As of 26-Jun-1999, our room block is 75% Full. We had a sharp jump in the last few weeks - we may fill up our room block before the convention...
Gaming - The Gaming room will be located in the lower level, just down the steps from the hotel lobby. More information will be posted as it becomes available.
Art Show, Art Show Rules - updated graphic to show "79% full."
Con Suite - We'll be upstairs, on or about the 19th floor.
Children's Programming, Want Ads - Children's Programming needs your help in keeping the costs down, and requests the assistance of all who are willing to donate materials: scrap cloth, stickers, puzzles...
Kaffeeklatches - Here is your opportunity to spend an hour or so with your favorite author in an intimate group discussion. The groups will be small, so sign up early at the Con...
Want Ads - postings added and deleted.
Staff and Committee List - several Divisions updated with new appointments.
Con Suite - Our theme: Space 1999. Hours: 10am-1am Thu/Fri/Sat, 10am-10pm Sunday.
Ice Cream Social - Our Ice Cream Social will be held 8-9 pm, Thursday 26-Aug-1999. Theme: George W. Orwell Science Fiction Polytechnic Space Academy Class of '84 Reunion. High School yearbooks will be handed out in your Registration/Goodie bags...
Staff and Committee Roster, Top - added a link to "Addresses" from staff page, and changed "Contacts" to "Staff" on the main entry page.
Film and Video Contest - deadline extended to 15-Jul-1999.
Film and Video Contest - NewTek, Inc. [www] has agreed to donate the following CGI software as prizes for the winners of the NASFiC Film Contest. First Place: Studio Software Suite (Windows/Intel or DEC Alpha platforms) includes LightWave 3D 6.0, Aura 1.0, and the Film Grain and Motion Pack plug-ins for LightWave 3D. List Price: $2995...
Mailing Lists - minor HTML correction.
Members Home Pages - added Smith, Kristine [www]
Art Show, Members Home Pages, Gary Louie, Site Credits - new URL for Baden, Chaz Boston [www]
Members Home Pages - corrected a typo.
Missing Members - updated to remove Gary Louie. We know where he is - he's late, not missing.
Dealers List - updated. (Name change.)
Members List updated.
Registration, Conversion Rates, Registration Form - at-the-door rates have been reduced.
Missing Members - new "Lost Souls" list. Do you know where these people have moved? Their mail has been returned by the Post Office.
Weather - [Temp] added a description of what the weather will be like, a link to Weather Underground's forecast, and an image showing the current temperature in Anaheim/Fullerton.
Theme Parks and Attractions - At long last, we've updated our Theme Parks and Attractions List. Based on a list originally compiled by Eric Gerds, it's been updated for the current season by Lisa Taylor.
Members Home Pages - added Lembke, Carl [www]
Dealers Room - updated list of dealers.
Dealers - added description for Ygor's Books.
Shuttles, Marriott - fixed a typo ("Supper Shuttle"). Thanks to J.R. Gimblet for spotting it.
Art Show, Art Show Rules - As of 12-Jun-1999, the Conucopia Art Show is approximately 79% full. Panels sold: 80%. Tables sold: 75%.
Members Home Pages - added Michaels, Melisa [www]
Members Home Pages - added Datlow, Ellen [www]
Want Ads - We're still looking for someone to run our Con Suite (Hospitality). If you might be interested, please e-mail Christian McGuire at
Live Theater - Auditions for remaining parts will be held Monday, 07-Jun-1999, at LASFS [www]. E-mail for more information.
Staff and Committee List - updated Press Relations.

Members Home Pages - added Kaden, Neil [www]
Art Show - as of 30-May-1999, the Art Show is approximately 72% sold out. Added link to Philippe Coriatt [www]
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Chairman's division.
Members Home Pages - added Weisman, Jacob [www]
Art Show - the art show is now approximately 61% full.
Art Show Rules - If you're one of our artists in our art show, by now you should have received some paperwork. We have copies of the Instructions, Control Sheet, and Bid Sheets available online in PDF form. Note that you will need your Artist's Number to fill these out. If you don't have an Artist's Number, write to us at
Art Show - updated list.
Related Links - added link to SFWA [www]
Dealers List - added link to G.S.B./Dragon's Hoard [www]
Dealers List - updated, I'd accidentally left one off the list.
Masquerade - the dimensions of the stage have been annnounced, and also info on Cash Prizes.
Dealers List updated.
Membership List - updated.
Dealers List - updated, some dealers have dropped out and others have taken their place.

Art Show - added link to Russell, Keith [www]
Art Show - added new artists; added link to Ashton, Robert [www]. As of 24-Apr-1999, the Conucopia Art Show is approximately 45% full. Panels sold: 41%. Tables sold: 98% (almost sold out).
Art Show - added link to Miklis, Franz [www] page.
Weather - added link to automated weather station.
Staff and Committee List - updated Programming and Administration Divisions. Added a note listing our next general meeting.
"Hello, Concom Member" - added a note about the newsletter.
Daily Newszine - updated HTML to make each name on the staff list link to their e-mail, added paragraph for concom members.
I know we have some regular visitors to this page. Have you tried the Frames option for this web site? You might like it, go give it a try... -Chaz
Members Home Pages - added BBW, Monica [www]
Art Show, Art Show Rules - the Art Show is 43% full as of 18-Apr-1999.
Dealers List - removed an extraneous gif.
Membership List updated.
Staff and Committee List - updated Chairman and Administration Divisions.
Gary Louie, Part 2 - added comments by Robert D Ashton.
Membership List updated.
Gary Louie, Part 2 - added comments by R-Laurraine Tutihasi.

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