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This page here lists mailing addresses ("snail mail") for our various departments. Scroll down if you'd like to mail someone a letter.

Our Staff and Committee Roster lists all of the department heads, and many of their staff. Clicking on a name brings up a page where you can send that person an e-mail message. If you want to know who's in charge of something, this is where to look.

The E-mail Directory lists the e-mail addresses for everyone connected to the convention.

General Contact

If there is no separate address for the department you're interested in, please use the general convention address. Put the name of the department on the first line.

Conucopia, attn: _______________________ dept.
c/o S.C.I.F.I., Inc.
P. O. Box 8442
Van Nuys CA 91409

Art Show

Jerome Scott and Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink
1010 E. Acacia Ave.
E1 Segundo CA, 90245
Phone 310-640-0949
Fax 310-640-8483


Blood Drive

Mike Sheffield
4572 Keever Ave.
Long Beach CA 90807-1819


Film and Video Contest

Conucopia Film Contest
c/o G.M. Dazzo
9027 Larke Ellen Circle
Los Angeles CA 90035-4222

Write for information on entering 35mm films.



c/o Arlene Satin
1135 No. Ogden Dr. #5
West Hollywood CA 90046

If you're shipping flyers to the convention, they will need to arrive in West Hollywood by 21-Aug-1999. Please don't send them before 01-Aug-1999. If you want Conucopia flyers sent to you, send e-mail to

International Agent

John Harold
8 Warren Close
Langley, Slough SL3 7UA
Berkshire, ENGLAND

Mr. Harold works with other currencies.


Conucopia Masque
13657 Rayen St.
Arleta CA 91331


Progress Reports

send Advertisements, Art, and other material to:
Tony Benoun
1136 W. Fay Lane, #15
Anaheim CA 92805



C.S.F. (Chaz) Boston Baden
P.O. Box 17522
Anaheim CA 92817-7522
fax number available upon request

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