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Rev. 18-Aug-1999

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Mel. White,

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Thursday Morning § August 26 § Conucopia § 1999 nasfic § Anaheim, california § issue 1

New Reunion Party Time.

George N. Orwell Science Fiction Polytechnic Space Academy class reunion 1984 (The Ice Cream Social) has been changed from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

Mike Donahue

Dept. of Corrections.

Despite the radio, television and newspaper coverage, there will be no showing of Disney’s Fantasia 2000 at the NASFiC. The convention could not make an acceptable accommodation with Disney.

Christian McGuire

Program Changes.

Conucopia Programming has moved J. Michael Straczynski’s presentation to Saturday at 1:00 pm. Mr. Straczynski requested the move to accommodate a change in his professional commitments, which prevented him from being able to be at the convention on Sunday. In order to accomplish this we have moved Jeff Walker’s Trailer Park to Sunday at 11:30 am. We would like to apologize to our convention members for this late change and thank Mr. Straczynski and Mr. Walker for working with us to come up with a plan that still allowed both presentations to take place.

James P. Hogan contacted us on Monday and regrets that he can not attend as he has had a family matter come up.

"Roger MacBride Allen" ws misspelled in the pocket guide. We regret the error.

Noel Wolfman


1:00 pm, A-B, Erotic Science Fiction, add: Dave Smeds, Desire Gonzales, S.M. Stirling.

1:00 pm, E, Science Fiction In the Media, E, delete: Bill Warren.

1:00 pm, F, Funny Strange or Funny Ha-Ha?, delete: Mel Gilden, Leslie What.

1:00 pm, G, delete: Are We There Yet?

2:30 pm, K, new: Dune Prequel Update, Kevin J. Anderson.

4:00 pm, F, My Biggest Professional Mistake, delete: James P. Hogan.

4:00 pm, G, The Industry Fans Don’t See, delete: Gardner Dozois.



10:00 am, E, Fantasy: High, Low and In-between, delete: Lisa Goldstein, Pat Murphy; add: Steve Boyett.

10:00 am, H, Overlooked Books & Underrated Novels, add: S.M. Stirling.

10:00 am, 315, Kaffee Klatsch: Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta: rescheduled to 4:00 pm.

11:30 am, E, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: How Was It For You?, add: Shelly Shapiro.

11:30 am, H, Evolution of a Book Cover, delete: Debra Euler.

11:30 am, J, Writing For Children & Young Adults, delete: Mel Gilden.

11:30 am, OC2, delete: Reading, James P. Hogan.

1:00 pm, A-B, Martial Arts in Films, add: Steve Boyett.

1:00 pm, F, Private Ways To Space, add: Derek M. Shannon.

1:00 pm, Autograph area, new: Andrew Burt.

2:30 pm, Autograph area, delete: Autographs, James P. Hogan.

4:00 pm, K, Web-zines & Web-publishing, add: Ellen Datlow.

4:00 pm, 315, delete Kaffee Klatsches: James P. Hogan, Pat Murphy.

4:00 pm, 315, Kaffee Klatsch: Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta: rescheduled from 11:00 am.


10:00 am, J, The Bidders Speak, add: Robert Sacks.

1:00 pm, E, Trailer Park, moved to Sunday 11:30 am.

1:00 pm, E, J. Michael Straczynski Talks, moved from Sunday.

1:00 pm, A-B, 1984, 1999, 2001: The Peril of Writing Your Future, delete: James P. Hogan.

2:30 pm, C-D, Is Classic SF Too Dated for Today’s Hip Teens?, delete: Elizabeth Anne Hull; add: Mel Gilden.

2:30 pm, J, What Did SF Fail to Predict?, add: S.M. Stirling.

4:00 pm, A-B, Overrated Movies & Overlooked Films, add: Bill Warren.

4:00 pm, H, Where are the Big Ideas in Contemporary Science Fiction?, add: Shelly Shapiro.

4:00 pm, J, Where Does Star Trek Go From Here?, delete: Steve Boyett, Bjo Trimble.

4:00 pm, 315, KaffeeKlatsch: add Ellen Datlow.

Noel Wolfman

Ten-Forward BBQ/Bar.

The Hotel is operating a hot dog and hamburger bar & grill by the pool, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm during the convention.

Caffeine Dispensing Unit.

The hotel Coffee Cart will be open extended hours, from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm, or longer if demand warrants.

Glenn Glazer

Too Much Coffee Man says: "You Can’t Escape Addiction — Choose Yours Carefully."

French digital art.

Come to the Art Show and see Philippe Coriat from France demonstrate drawing and painting on a computer with a graphic tablet. Prints available in the Art Show.

# Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun, 12 pm

# Thu-Fri-Sat, 4 pm.

Jerome Scot


additional Autographs.

In addition to the Autographs held in the middle of the great big Art Show/Dealers Room, there will be some signings at the Dell Magazines (Analog/Asimov’s SF) table in the Dealers Room.


11:00-1:00, Gardner Dozois

11:00-12:00, Pat Cadigan

5:00-6:00, Robert Reed



2:30-3:30, Harry Turtledove

4:00-5:00, Tim Powers



1:30-2:30, David Brin

3:00-4:00, Allen Steele, Gardner Dozois

4:00-5:00, Lisa Goldstein



11:00-12:00, Pat Murphy.


Sheila Williams


Stuffing Them Bags.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped stuff program books into bags Tuesday night. Hopefully this is the last time we will ever see those Canada bags! Those who missed this fabulous event missed a special rendition of "Rolling, Rolling, Rolling" created on the fly to commemorate our efforts. Volunteers whose blood (ouch — those paper cuts), sweat and tears (of mirth) went into your program bags include:

Janet Baernstein, Sheri Taylor, John Pomeranz, Colleen Crosby, Shawn Crosby, Virginia Youngstrom, Sharon Pierce, Judith Kindell, Kathy Overton, Elayne Pelz, Bruce Pelz, Michael Mason, Bill Seney, Larry Smith, and Sally Kobee. Thanks for all your help!

Sheri Taylor


Signs on the hotel lobby level may be posted in the ballroom area (carpeted floor) only. Please use the easels provided for this purpose, or the blue boards. An easel will also be put on the 4th floor lobby. Signs posted in the hotel public areas, elevators, lobbies, etc. will be removed. Thank you.

Glenn Glazer

Little Art Show Notes.

There’s a group effort on display in the 3-D tables of the Art Show. We would like to make it clear that this had nothing to do with the late "Orlando in 2001" Worldcon bid. We were planting these things in our garden long before Boston went South.

Hazel the Flamingo Kid

Declassified Ads.

Join the Middle-Earth Construction Project. We're creating an online version of JRR Tolkien's world and we want your help. Come by our fan table and fill out a short survey, or, if you're feeling ambitious — and we hope you are — sign up for a brain-storming session. We're also giving away prizes. Come by the table for details.

Mark O'Green

Nifty Gifty Shop stuff.

The Coucopia Gift Shop, located in the lobby, has a nice selection of affordable Conucopia souvenirs. We have 35mm flash-equipped cameras for $12, Cloisonné pins for $4.25, playing cards for $8, full color T-shirts (M through XXXL) for $12-$13.50, and lanyards to hang your badge from, $5.

All have Conucopia artwork, created exclusively for the convention by Alicia Austin (t-shirts, pins) and Allison Hershey (cameras, playing cards).

The Gift Shop is in the same area as Exhibits and Autographs, in the big Art Show/Dealers Room.

Glenn Glazer

CSFA Meetings.

The Continental Science Fiction Association was omitted from the Friday and Saturday grid. The meetings will be Friday, 8:30-10:00 AM, Saturday, 8:30-11:30 AM, and Sunday, 8:30-10:00 AM if necessary in room K.

CSFA was founded to provide an independent existence for the NASFiC, it is not officially associated with NASFiC or Conucopia. At a program item at Bucconeer (last year’s Worldcon), Kevin Standlee and Kathleen Meyer got a proposition adopted that there should be a National instead of a Continental convention. We will review operations, publications and awards, make decisions on those and on converting to a National Association, and elect members to the governing board. If we decide to have a Sunday meeting, the election will be Sunday at 8:30 AM, otherwise it will be Saturday at 10:45 AM. The new governing board will then elect officers and implement decisions taken.

Robert Sacks

Staff Lounge

Yes, for all you staff and committee members, we do have a staff lounge and we are up and running. For this miracle of organization, all hail and praise to our chief staff assistant, Valentina.

Due to her herculean efforts and with the able assistance of Lisa (Huggy) Murway, we were even able to serve dinner to our overworked and tired staff and committee who spent all day yesterday getting the con up and running.

Valentina, you sure earned your gold star for the day!

Kris Bauer

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