Editor Guest of Honor: Ellen Datlow

Rev. 22-Jul-1999

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Bruce Pelz,

Considered one of the world's preeminent editors of short science fiction, Ellen Datlow was the Fiction Editor of Omni Magazine and Omni Internet for sixteen years. In both forums, she published award-winning writers ranging from Joyce Carol Oates, T. Coraghessan Boyle, William Burroughs, and Jonathan Carroll to William Gibson, Stephen King, Peter Straub, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Harlan Ellison. Datlow has discovered, introduced, or published many of the most important science fiction stories and authors of the last two decades.

She also edits, with Terri Windling, a series of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies, which began in 1988, and several volumes of original stories in the Adult Fantasy field -- Snow White, Blood Red; Black Thorn, White Rose; Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears; and Black Swan, White Raven. YBFH is used as a reference throughout the genre.

Ellen's editorial works also include the original anthologies Blood Is Not Enough (vampires); A Whisper of Blood (vampires); Twists of the Tale (cat horror); Alien Sex (what it says); and Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex (more). All of these anthologies have been extremely popular.

At Omni Internet, she marshaled her international contacts and expertise to create one of the world's top interactive literary forums through her `Salon,' a digital meeting place that enables renowned authors to produce collaborative fiction online and gives fans a venue for one-on-one contact with their favorite writers. As chief producer of the weekly show, Flashpoint, sponsored by Event Horizon: SF, Fantasy, Horror [www], she continues to deliver top-quality net programming to a wide audience.

Ellen is currently editing Event Horizon [www] an sf/f/h webzine with Rob Killheffer, who is in charge of the nonfiction. She is also working on various web projects with her former OMNI partners for Event Horizon Web Productions.

In addition to this, she is in the process of editing various anthologies. The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror #12 will be coming out shortly. The final volume in the adult fairy tale anthology, Black Heart, Ivory Bones will debut in the spring of 2000, as will A Wolf at the Door, a fairy tale anthology for children. There is also an untitled science fiction anthology on the theme of "endangered species" that will be in production by then.

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