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Joe Zeff,

As is the tradition with many conventions, Conucopia will be having a store where we will be selling memorabilia of the convention. At this time we are planning on opening the store on Thursday and running it through the convention or until we sell out. Our hours will be from 10-6 Thu-Sat, 10-4 Sunday.

We are selling the following items, each with the con name and artwork:

The cameras are permanent, re-usable cameras (not those cheap one shot things). We will not be selling film, but film is available in the hotel's gift shop and elsewhere around town.

The lanyards are those shoestring ropes people wear around their necks to hold their badges. They have a rubber ring at the bottom by which the badge can be attached. The design will be a repeating white pattern on black lanyards.

The T-shirts will be in FULL colour (with blends and shading) and the Cloisonné pins in four-colour.

Merchandising would like to thank Alicia Austin for creating art for the T-shirts and pins and to Allison Hershey for creating art for the cameras and playing cards.

If you would like us to set aside an order for you, send e-mail to and be sure to pick it up by Saturday morning or we'll put it back into the rest of our stock.

If you have cashier experience and/or sales experience, have we got a job for you. I need volunteers to help run this place. Please contact our head of volunteers and tell him that you want to volunteer for the merchandising gift shop. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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