Art Show [100% Full]

Rev. 26-Sep-1999

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Jerome Scott and Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink,

As of 11-Aug-1999, the Conucopia Art Show is 100% full. Panels are 100% sold out, tables are 100% sold out. Note: the Chesley nominees have space, to be arranged with Teresa Patterson.

French artist Philippe Coriat [www] will be giving demonstrations in the Art Show during the convention, times to be announced.

Art Show Docent Tours

Art Show Schedule

Artists Confirmed to be Participating

If you're an artist listed here and you have your own web page, write to and we'll put in a link to your page.

  • Jewell, Mary Jane
  • Johnson, K.A.
  • Jones, Angela
  • Keedy, Pamela
  • Kimmel, Leigh
  • Kocich, Carl
  • Lang, Charles
  • Lee, April
  • Lee, Mai
  • Liltz, Frank
  • Lockwood, Todd
  • Mather, Theresa
  • Michaud, Juanne
  • Miklis, Franz [www]
  • Morrison, Stanley
  • Mott, Betsy
  • Nastasia, Michaela
  • Peacock, Robert
  • Perenne, Luise
  • Perkins, Lynn
  • Phanara, Selina
  • Powell, Mary
  • Rauchfuss, Judith
  • Roland, Mark
  • Roller, Jennie
  • Ross, Robert
  • Russell, Keith [www]
  • Ryan, Ralph
  • Santara, Sandra
  • Satter, Denise
  • Shea, Jannie
  • Skotak, Dennis
  • Smith, Cheryl L.
  • Smith, Terrie Lee
  • Stadter, Jonathon
  • Stelnicki, John
  • Stillman, Patricia (Pres)
  • Sturgeon, Jeff
  • Surls, Sue
  • Treat, Elizabeth
  • Trimble, Bjo
  • Wappel, James
  • White, Mel.
  • Wible, James
  • Williams, Ronita
  • Wolfman, Noel
  • Wu, Frank [www]

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