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Rev. 11-Aug-1999

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Jerome Scott and Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink,

As of 11-Aug-1999, the Conucopia Art Show is 100% full. Panels are 100% sold out, tables are 100% sold out.

If you're one of our artists, by now you should have received some paperwork. We have copies of the Instructions, Control Sheet, and Bid Sheets available online in PDF form. Also available in Word-for-Windows form. If you do not have an artist's number, you have not registered or paid fees to the art show and cannot use these forms - please contact the art show directors at for more information on how to register for the art show.

Art Show Schedule

Our "California Seller's Permit" number is EA 9757183. It is a temporary permit good for the length of the con and taxes will be collected and mailed in by the end of September.

Rules and Information for Artists

This show is being brought to you by
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink and Jerome Scott

Mailing address for correspondence and Mail-In Artwork is:
1010 E. Acacia, El Segundo CA 90245
(PLEASE: do not mail in artwork before we send you the appropriate forms)

Phone (310) 640-0949
Fax (310) 640-8483
Call in the evenings (after 7:30 pm West Coast time) or leave a message during the day
We are also online at

Message from the Directors

Conucopia is the 1999 NASFIC convention! The convention is sponsored by Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, Inc. (S.C.I.F.I.). We are your friendly Art Show Directors, Jerome Scott and Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink. We have run, and worked art shows for more than 8 years in the Mid West and 6 years in the LA area, for conventions ranging from 300 attendees to several Worldcons, so you can be assured of careful and competent handling of your work. We are hoping to provide a fun, hopefully profitable, and varied artshow, for both the Artists and attendees.


If you attend you must have a membership. Mail-in artists who do not attend the actual convention DO NOT have to purchase a convention membership.

Memberships to the convention cost various amounts depending on whether you are attending, presupporting, the phase of the moon, etc. Please see the flyer or website for the latest information. Make membership check payable to Conucopia and mail to NASFIC '99 c/o S.C.I.F.I. Inc.: PO Box 8442; Van Nuys, CA 91409. Please note that this is NOT the address for Art Show matters.

We are expecting attendance at this convention to be between 2500 to 4000.

We repeat: You do not need to be a member of Conucopia to enter the Art Show, but you must be a member if you wish to attend any other convention activities.

Basic Rules About The Show


Art Show space is available in units of panels or half tables. A panel is 3' wide by 4' high, and is made of pegboard. Materials for hanging artwork will be provided by the convention. Table space is approximately 4' long by 2.5' deep, half of a standard hotel table. Each unit of Art Show space is $17.50. Requests for more than 8 units of space must be cleared with the Art Show Directors in Advance. For those of you familiar with Loscon Art Shows, these spaces are the same size as a standard Loscon unit. You may have received other communications offering 4' high x 6' wide units for $35.00; our prices have not changed, we are merely subdividing the space to allow more flexibility. For larger pieces you can still create a 4' x 6' space, simply buy a minimum of 2 spaces for each larger space desired and request that the spaces be adjacent to each other.


Jewelry must be displayed in the artist's own display case, and the case placed on a table. Enough table space must be purchased to hold the display case and any bid sheets for the jewelry. NOTE: often the jewelry pieces are small and when there are a lot of them the space for the bid sheets may exceed the space required to display the case. Please allow for this when purchasing space. The bidders need to be able to write on the bid sheets and this requires flat hard surfaces (ie. Table top space).

Prints and Print Shop:

Reproductions are allowed, but only one of any particular piece may be hung. You may put a notice on the displayed print directing the con-goer to the print shop for additional copies. The print shop will be run by art show staff in the art show room.

Works not Acceptable:

Works judged by the Art Show Staff to have libelous (as opposed to humorous or caricature) content in regard to known persons and/or to well known characters will not be accepted. Works depicting XXX rated hardcore pornography will not be accepted. This Art Show is open to the general public, including minors, and frankly, we do not have insurance to defend against claims of pornography. Works depicting lesser rated acts or poses may be displayed with some portions of the works concealed at the discretion of the Art Show Staff.

Display requirements - 2D:

Two dimensional works must be matted, mounted or framed to aid in hanging. If the matte or mounting is fragile (unable to withstand repeated clamping by a bulldog type clip), the artist must provide instructions or alternate methods of attachment.

All artwork must be clearly labeled. Please include the title of the piece, your name and address.

Artists are responsible for their own insurance. Check your homeowner's policy, you may have appropriate coverage there. We will take reasonable care of your artwork in the show, but the convention can not acquire expensive extra insurance for the Art Show.

All artwork must be able to withstand reasonable, careful handling by the Art Show Staff. It may be necessary to move your art during the course of the show to correct problems, present it to the buyers better, to show at the voice auction or to process for final sale. We want your work to go home with the buyer in perfect condition. Please help us by not sending fragile artwork!

Once entered in the show, the conditions of sale (minimum bid, not-for-sale, etc.) may not be changed. No artwork may be withdrawn from the Art Show before NOON on Sunday.

Pieces that receive 8 or more written bids will be sent to the voice auction on Sunday afternoon (Exact time to be scheduled and announced later).

There will be no photography or video recording of any kind in the Art Show unless cleared by the Art Show Directors in advance. The artist or agent must be present and consent to any photography or recording.

The judgment of the Art Show Staff and Directors in all matters of the Art Show is final.

Money Matters

Art Show Fees are $17.50 per unit of Art Show. A unit is either a panel or half a table.

All Art Show fees must be paid in advance. Checks should be made payable to "S.C.I.F.I." and drawn on an American bank. International Money Orders, in US Dollars are also acceptable. If you have currency conversion problems, please contact us for more options. Checks which bounce (Non-Sufficient Funds) will be subject to any fees which the banks may levy and the artwork will be held and not displayed until the check and all fees related to it are made good.


A 10% commission will be collected on all sales. This covers cost of the room, supplies, postage, printing, phone lines for credit card sales, etc.

Sales Tax:

Due to an unfortunate series of events that occurred to one of the Artists of a past SCIFI run convention, we must now charge California Sales Tax on all sales. This will not affect the Artist's income as it is on top of the final sale price. The convention will handle distributing the collected tax to the government and will supply the Artists with proof of tax collected.

Mail-in fees:

Mail-in artists must include $15.00 for return postage and shipping insurance. Any excess money not used when the work is returned will be refunded to you with payment for pieces sold. On the other hand, If more money is needed to return your artwork, it will be deducted from sales. Artwork of artists who have insufficient sales and do not send return postage money will be considered abandoned and will not be returned. There is a further $20.00 non- refundable handling fee for mail in art. This is a total of up to $35.00 in mail-in related fees (depending on your individual postage and insurance costs).

Final Accounting

There will be absolutely no payments to artists at the convention. Payments will be mailed as soon as possible, approximately 20 days after the convention.

Setup and Schedule

The final schedule has not been finalized at this time. A separate letter will be sent with the control and bid sheets to all artists who have registered. We are sharing a very large space with the Dealers, so the artshow schedule and Dealer schedule will be the same.The Registration Process The registration process for artists wishing to display art at this convention is as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. You are receiving this message because you either contacted us requesting information or you were on our mailing list. [Or you found it on the web page.]
  2. You will reply (or not) to this message indicating your desire to participate in the Art Show and send money to reserve the space. [See below for the reservation form.] If you do not reply we will not send you any further information.
  3. If you reply to this message you will be registered and receive an artists' number and the appropriate horrible forms to fill out. Then, depending on whether you are attending or mailing in your art you will go through the following steps:

Mail-In Artists

Shipping Instructions:

Please pack your artwork securely. We want the piece to get to the show in perfect condition, to attract buyers and higher bids. If the contents of the box shift when it is shaken, please add more packing material, such as crumpled newspapers, etc. This will help prevent damage to the contents, especially to the corners! (Please do not use packing peanuts as they tend to make a mess which is hard to clean up). Two inches of crush space around the art is also required by Fed Ex and UPS (for insurance claims if anything is broken). Please include instructions for the location of your artwork on the panels. A map is a very good idea as it lets you see if your work will fit on the space you purchased - remember to allow for the bid sheets.

Artwork being sent to the convention should use this address:

E. Klein-Lebbink
1010 E. Acacia Ave.
El Segundo CA 90245

Please time your shipment to arrive by 13 August 1999. This will give us time to process your artwork before the convention. Packages may be sent by US Mail, UPS, FED/EX, or other delivery service.

Artwork being returned will be shipped within a week after the convention. Please let us know how you want it shipped back. The shipments will be insured for the total of the minimum bids of the artwork enclosed, up to $600, or the maximum allowed by the specific carrier. Payment for artwork sold and a refund of excess shipping money will be made in a separate mailing. We do have our own UPS and FEDEX accounts thus avoiding the expensive box-and-ship outlets and saving money for the artists.

Artist Check-In / Check-out for Attending Artists

Check-in time will be between 12 noon and 6 pm on Thursday the 26 August 1999. Please show up with your art and paperwork (which will have been mailed to you previous to this time) and you will be shown to your assigned panels where you will hang your art. The Art Show will provide hooks and bulldog clips. When you have finished hanging your art, present your control sheet to the Control Desk and we will verify your pieces. Then enjoy the con! You're done!

Check-out time for unsold artwork will be between 3PM and 4PM on Sunday, 29 August 1999.

If, for some reason, you need an earlier check-out time, let the Art Show Directors know before the convention. Special considerations will be made for artists trying to catch flights, but please let us know in advance.

You are required to take your unsold artwork off the panels and bring the Bid Sheets to the control desk. This allows us to account for every piece of artwork in the show, making sure that no pieces are missed.

If you need to designate another person to check out your art, please let the Art Show Directors know in writing as soon as possible. We will not release your artwork without a written authorization on record.

Artwork may not be removed from the Art Show until it has been checked out.

If an emergency arises during the convention, and you can not pick up your art at the designated time, and are unable to designate someone else to pick up your art, please contact the Art Show Directors as soon as possible. An alternate check-out can be arranged, or the artwork can be shipped.

Unless prior arrangements are made with the Art Show Directors, all art left after 6PM on Sunday will be considered abandoned.

We are online at, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you wish to participate in the Art Show, you'll need to send money to reserve the space.

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